Values Statement

The following foundational values dictate the actions of Lubbers & Associates Training & Development LLC under most conditions. These values are basic principles that our business is built upon, and should be clear guides of conduct.

The superior quality and creativity of our training and development service and products, in combination with our innovative methods of delivering them, is the greatest key to our success. Our commitment to customers and clients is manifested by selflessly serving them with a wholehearted dedication to filling their needs in a personal and excellent way. We believe that the following priorities in a person’s life must be honored:

Lubbers & Associates Training and Development LLC will maintain a foundation of honesty, integrity, responsiveness, flexibility, respect for others, and cost-effectiveness…which will leave a legacy of excellence, high reputation, and profitability.


At first glance, our logo may appear as if we do landscaping. But that’s not the case. When I started Lubbers & Associates in 1993 I focused my efforts on assisting people and organizations at a foundational level. I had no interest in being “on a stage” or to be “the man.” To me, success meant that the organization I was working with, and the people in it, would become strong and healthy, and nobody on the outside would know I was there doing my job. To accomplish that, I wanted to work at the root level, almost out of sight. That idea spawned my logo. To me, if a person or organization has strong roots, then what you see – the leaves and branches - would be healthy and strong. Healthy roots – healthy tree. So that’s what we do. We provide exceptional job training, materials and consulting at a reasonable price. We work at the root level to create health within the entire organization.

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