Biography of Randy Lubbers

Randy has been in and around manufacturing for over 30 years. Combined with the fact that he grew up on a farm, he's seen just about everything as far as problems are concerned. From learning at an early age that you need to solve your own problems to learning later that sometimes it takes a coordinated team, Randy uses his experience to assist others in learning what it really takes to get the job done. He creates his own materials and presents them in a practical, hands-on way. He uses all of his experiences to accomplish this, including those as a Journeyman Eyelet Tool & Die Maker, Supervisor, Plant Manager, and currently as a business owner with interest in several businesses.
Randy currently owns Lubbers & Associates Training & Development LLC, a training and development firm dedicated to providing highly effective training at a reasonable cost. He has been in business since 1993 and has trained thousands of people in problem solving, lean manufacturing, leadership, and various other subjects. He was born, raised, and lives in West Michigan.

Randy’s background includes:

Randy has been a trainee, a technical expert, a Manager, and a training expert. He uses these experiences to create and deliver cost-effective training.

Education includes:

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