Our Approach

Our approach is a little different then what you may be used to. Most trainers spend their time on the “technical” details of the training only. If you are doing “Lean” training, for example, they will dive right into 5S, or value stream mapping. In doing that, they run right past the most important element – the people. Then they wonder why nobody gets it. Typically, they blame it on the “negative” people. Having been there myself, my only response is, “Are you kidding me?”

I believe that a good trainer first addresses the “want” or “desire” of the people in the session. You want people to do things because they “want to”, not because they were told. Every subject must answer the question that’s on the mind of every person, “Why should I “, or “What’s in it for me?” If you don’t do this effectively, you seriously jeopardize the results of the training. My mindset coming into each training situation is that the people entering the room “don’t want to be there”. My “goal” is for them to leave with both the desire and the skills to implement what they’ve learned. This means that I must address each of the following:

“My primary focus in any training session is making a connection with each person. I feel that earning the trust and respect of each person is essential for an effective learning environment”.

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What is Cost Effective Training?

Cost-effective training is like investing. When you invest your money you expect a good return. You do your homework. You review the options. You interview the people who will be making decisions about your money. You leave nothing to chance.

Training should be treated exactly the same way. When you initiate a training program you are investing your money. You work with people you can trust, people who are good at what they do. You must expect the same results – a good return.

Cost-effective training compounds the rate of return on the training dollars you’ve invested. If it’s done correctly, your people will build skills quickly and effectively. Their competence will be demonstrated by their ability to produce a quality product, on time, at the lowest cost.