Who We Are

My name is Randy Lubbers. I started Lubbers & Associates in 1993 after 18 years in manufacturing. In the last 22 plus years, I've had the opportunity of assisting dozens of companies and thousands of people become more productive and competitive. I’m not a bouncing off the walls guy who motivates you for a few minutes, days, or weeks (although I do bounce off the walls on occasion). I’m more of an “in the trenches” guy, committed to giving you solid, practical, down to earth advice and proven strategies for solving tough problems and building complex skills. People tell me (both verbally and on evaluations) that my strengths are

  1. my real life examples of my experiences,
  2. my practical, proven strategies and techniques that turn theory into practice,
  3. my patience and perseverance,
  4. my respect for each person, and
  5. my ability to solve old problems with creative, effective solutions.

I love these responses because my passion is to serve you in an excellent and personal way.

Who are the "Associates"?

I get kidded about this a lot. Actually, my wife Nancy gets kidded about this because she's the associate. In truth, the plural "Associates" fits her well because she does the work of several people. Nancy does all the office work, including all the word-processing, desktop publishing, copy, and clerical work. Together, we form a very effective team. We pride ourselves on flexibility, changing directions quickly, and creating materials at lightning speed. This helps us tremendously in responding quickly to changing conditions and demands.

The “Associates” also stands for a network of other training and development professionals who I can count on to assist on projects if necessary. In building this network, I maintain my commitment to providing only the best products and services.

My Commitment to You

I have a special place in my heart for the people who pay my bills - you! Thank you for placing your trust in me by making me your business partner. Obviously, my success depends on your success. To hold up my end of the partnership, my goal is to do everything in my power to present you with solutions that are cost effective, creative, practical, and when it comes down to it, the best you’ve ever seen. To accomplish this, I like to “start with the end in mind” by asking the questions, “what are the objectives” and “if we meet the objectives perfectly, what will it look like?” I use training methods that not only build knowledge and skills quickly, they also effectively “cut to the chase” in solving both real life problems and job related issues. My philosophy is based on “respect for each person” and the “empowerment” of people. You can find out about my company values and more elsewhere in this website. In the meantime, thank you for your business and I look forward to serving you in the future.

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